McLean Foster & Co.
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McLean Foster & Company

Mclean Foster & Company  (MCF) was founded in 2000, with two partners and eight senior associates with management skills and consulting experience in telecommunications and spectrum management regulatory reform, and information technology management and consulting.


Spectrum Management Consulting Services

  • Policy Analysis, Review and Design of Regulation and Regulatory Processes
    • Innovation and Reform
    • Spectrum Licensing
    • Spectrum Pricing
    • Spectrum Sharing
    • Spectrum Transfer and Trading
  • Spectrum Management Program Development – Strategic Planning, Allocation, Assignment and Band Planning,  Licensing and Authorization, Spectrum Pricing Engineering and Analysis, Monitoring, and IT
  • Consultation Planning and Assistance —Regulatory and Functional
  • Change Management—Implementation and Training. Development of online training materials, case study and workshops.
  • Spectrum Management Organization Strategy, Design and Functional Review
  • Capacity Building -  Knowledge Transfer, Workshop Facilitation, Training – Needs Assessment, Planning and Delivery
  • Operational Planning and Business Systems Design and Process Re-engineering
  • Procurement of Spectrum Management and Monitoring Systems
  • Financial Operations Management—Funding Options, Estimates and Budget Planning


McLean Foster & Co. is unique in that MCF is one of very few companies which specialize in providing spectrum management consulting expertise for developed and developing countries at all stages of growth in telecommunications sector. Areas of expertise in spectrum management are depicted below.


McLean Foster & Co.’s Telecommunications and Spectrum Management Specialty Practice assists and advises on development of the regulatory framework and institution building and helps to strengthen national regulatory capacity and capabilities of senior management and technical.  Strengths and weaknesses can be assessed and appropriate international best practices applied and comprehensive plans for operations and business processes developed including practical technology integration and implementation planning.


Our foremost concern is to support the regulator’s goals and strategies. Consensus and agreement will be reached with responsible Commissioners and Management Leadership on what must been done, when, and on how results should be measured. We are committed to continuous improvement and reform where necessary and appropriate. Our expertise has grown as changes and improvements in the design and implementation of regulatory, business and technical practices have taken place.



Adrian FosterCMC is a member in good standing since 1994 with the Institute of Management Consultants and a member in good standing with the Canadian Association of Management Consultants and the Chartered Financial Analysts Institute. The firm adheres to the Codes of Conduct of both Institutes (;