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:: Spectrum Policy Review – Industry Canada

McLean Foster & Company was awarded a contract in June 2007 to review international and market trends, review and compare Canadian legislation and regulation and prepare policy advice to the Government of Canada in connection with its spectrum policy review.

Press Release June 13, 2007:

"I want to look at best practices around the globe. I want to know how we can adapt and improve our current practices. This is why I have initiated a study of market-based exclusive spectrum rights. A group of experts with an international reputation in this field has been awarded the job.

The McLean Foster & Co. Team is headed by Mr. Martin Cave, a British expert in spectrum policy who has been responsible for important reforms in that country. There is also a Canadian, Mr. Robert Jones. He has worked for 30 years in the field of spectrum here and on the international scene. They will report to me in two months. I hope this will launch a lively debate."

The Honourable Maxime Bernier

Minister of Industry, 2007 Canadian Telecom Summit Toronto, Ontario


:: Thailand National Telecommunications Commission – Broadband Wireless Access Regulation and Licensing

The World Bank in partnership with the NTC awarded a project in 2009 to Adrian Foster of McLean Foster & Co. The purpose of the project is to progress the licensing of new BWA services for Thailand. Mr. Foster advised the NTC on regulations, licensing, award methodology (auctions), allocations and band plan and he prepared a consultation strategy and consultation (public) report. The consultation and final regulatory decisions will be completed in September 2009.


:: Moldova National Telecommunications Commission – Spectrum Management Regulatory Framework and Licenses

The EBRD awarded a contract in 2009 to GVI Inc. in collaboration with McLean Foster & Co. to revise spectrum management regulations and licenses in conformance with EU requirements.  Adrian Foster and Prof. Martin of McLean Foster & Co. are two of the key consultants on this project which will take place over 2009-2010.


:: Liberia Telecommunications Authority, Ministry of Communications

McLean Foster & Co. was awarded several contracts by the World Bank from 2005-2008 to provide technical assistance to the LTA in a number of vital areas including: Regulatory Framework Development, Organization Development and Spectrum Pricing.  Mclean Foster & Company teamed with McCarthy Tetrault to draft the new telecommunications law for Liberia and draft telecommunications licenses and assist the LTA in negotiating interim licenses.  As well Regulatory Oversight and Capacity Building Support were provided to the recently appointed Commissioners of the LTA.  Mr. Foster was the Project Director and Principal Spectrum Management Consultant for the entire project.


:: InfoDEV/ITU - ICT Regulation Toolkit on Spectrum Management

Adrian Foster was the Project Director and along with Prof. Martin Cave they were the principal authors of original version Module 5 of the Online Toolkit ( which is recognized as the leading online spectrum management resource for regulators. Adrian Foster was engaged by the ITU to revise the Toolkit in 2008-09 adding new material, a completely new section on spectrum sharing and numerous new references and practice notes.


:: Spectrum Sharing – ITU

Adrian Foster of McLean Foster & Company authored a Discussion Paper on Spectrum Sharing presented at the 8th Global Symposium for Regulators in March 2008 and included in Trends Telecommunication Reform 2008. The Discussion Paper provides an overview of spectrum sharing models designed to foster the deployment of broadband wireless access (BWA) networks to poorly and underserved areas in developing countries including:  spectrum trading, sharing of unlicensed bands, spectrum commons, geographical sharing and technological developments that improve interference mitigation as well as identifying practical steps spectrum managers can take to assign spectrum for BWA services. The Paper reflected a broad international perspective, based on practices from a wide range of countries worldwide and including leading practices.


:: Spectrum Policy Review – Industry Canada

McLean Foster & Company has been awarded a contract in June 2007 to review international and market trends, review and compare Canadian legislation and regulation and prepare policy advice to the Government of Canada in connection with its spectrum policy review.


:: Spectrum Informatics Review and Redesign – Industry Canada, Government of Canada

McLean Foster & Co. partnered with Fujitsu Canada on this contract award in 2004 to execute the planning, design, and construction of the SIRR Project for Industry Canada Mr. Foster was the Spectrum Management Subject Matter on the project. 


:: Industry Canada

Mr. MacPherson conducted a study for the Telecommunications Policy Branch of Industry Canada to review the telephone service procurement practices of the Government of Canada, to determine their impact upon the competitive marketplace for telecommunications in the country.  The prime objective of the study was to identify any approaches to procurement that could serve the needs of the Government as a user of telephone services, while at the same time fostering a more competitive marketplace for local access services.



Mr. MacPherson conducted a study for the CRTC, recommending a new approach to handling the growing number of requests for training, from developing countries throughout the world, for assistance in their efforts to introduce regulation to their telecommunications and broadcasting sectors.  These requests ranged from simple, one-day visits to the Commission’s offices for informal discussions, to full-blown courses of several weeks or occasionally, months, by Commission staff or consultants in the recipient country.  The report provided an assessment of the situation and recommendations for a consistent approach to responding to these requests.


:: Spectrum Management Expert, EBRD Regulatory Assistance project with GNCC, Tbilisi, Georgia (2011 and 2012)

Adrian Foster and Martin Cave provided spectrum management and spectrum economics advisory services as part of the team headed by Great Village International Consulting. Mr. Foster is providing expert advice on re-allocating (refarming) options and strategies including auction strategies for the 900 and 1800 MHz cellular bands to promote competition in current and future cellular services


:: Spectrum Expert – National Spectrum Agency of Colombia, Bogota, Columbia (2011)

Adrian Foster in association with TACHYON Consultores of Colombia developed an approach and model design for estimating spectrum requirements  and demand in priority bands (cellular, fixed, mobile, aeronautical and marine, public safety and emergency services), review and presentation of results, and review and preparation of notes and changes to update the Colombian National Table of Frequency Allocations.


:: Digital Switchover Planning and Spectrum Management in a Converged Market - Development and Delivery of a Workshop in Bangkok (2011)

ITU Spectrum Management Sector of Excellence for Asia and the Pacific selected Mr. Foster to develop and deliver programme materials for a 4 day workshop involving 60+ policy makers, regulators and operators from across the Asia-Pacific Region. The comprehensive workshop covered the main topics; policy, legislation/regulation, institutional framework, DSO planning, the Digital Dividend, Refarming, Allocation and Assignment, licensing, interference management and more. A case study was developed and was used by participants leading to a report and presentation.


:: Competition Review - Spectrum and Telecom Regulatory Competition Impact Study for the National Telecommunications and Broadcast Commission of Thailand, (2011 and 2012)

Martin Cave and Adrian Foster prepared the methodology, collected data, analyzed, reviewed and made comparisons and evaluated the impact of national regulation of competition in the ICT sector in seven countries. Areas of analysis included, competition law, sector specific law, competition outcomes, enforcement, and market structure. Prof. Cave and Adrian Foster are preparing a complete chapter in a report led by Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.