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Adrian Foster,MBA, CMC is a founding partner with McLean Foster & Co and leads the firm's Telecom Regulatory Specialty Practice. With over 15 years of related experience, he has advised regulators, operators, suppliers, government departments and agencies involved in telecommunications and ICT's. He is the lead author of the recently developed ITU/infoDEV ICT Regulation Online Toolkit Module 5: Radio Spectrum Management His work has included technical assistance and policy and programme analysis and development for government departments and agencies.

Mr. Foster has been on extensive field assignments in many countries including: Afghanistan, Antigua, Argentina, Germany, Indonesia, Liberia, Malaysia, Morocco, Mexico, Pakistan, Portugal, South Africa, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago United Kingdom and the United States.

Mr. Foster resides in Ontario, Canada.


Partners and Senior Associates

Adrian M. Foster, MBA, CMC, Partner

Founding Partner of McLean Foster & Company, Mr. Foster has over with over twenty years of experience in product, manufacturing and management consulting organizations. Mr. Fosters career highlights include:

  • Founder and Partner - McLean Foster & Company
  • Partner - E*Commerce, Sierra Systems
  • President and GM, AGRA Spectrocan Ltd.
  • Vice President - AGRA International Ltd.
  • Senior Manager, PCS Product Marketing - Nortel Networks
  • Practice Leader, Ernst and Young LLP
  • Manager, Business Systems - Data Networks, Nortel Networks
  • Consultant and Audit Senior - Arthur Andersen & Co.

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Randy J. McLean, Partner

Founding Partner of McLean Foster & Company, Mr. McLean is a senior level consultant with over twenty years of experience in both product and consulting organizations. Mr. McLean’s recent roles have included:

  • Founder and Partner - McLean Foster & Company
  • General Manager, National Capital Region, Netergy Networks.
  • Partner – E*Commerce, Sierra Systems.
  • Director, Internet Group, Chief Technical Officer, Delivery, CGI Group
  • Operations Management, Digital Equipment Canada

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Arthur J. Birchenough, P.Eng.,

Art is a Senior Associate with McLean Foster & Co. He has over 30 years experience in engineering and systems integration. He served as an Order in Council Appointee to the Board of the Ontario Energy Board. The Energy Board is the agency responsible for regulation, development, and establishment of market based energy generation and distribution in Ontario, Canada’s largest province which accounts for approximately half the National Gross Domestic Product.  Mr. Birchenough has served in executive management roles with the largest professional design and procurement management global engineering companies.

  • President – Birlo Management Canada Inc.
  • Board Member – Ontario Energy Board
  • Executive Vice-President - AGRA Inc.
  • President and COO - AGRA Monenco Ltd and AGRA Systems Ltd.
  • President and CEO – Canatom Ltd.

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Professor Martin Cave- B.Phil. D.Phil, Oxford University – Senior Associate,

Prof. Cave, is the Director of the Centre for Management Under Regulation at Warwick Business School, University of Warwick. He is also an adviser to Ofcom, the Postal Services Commission, European Commission, Office of Utility Regulation (Jamaica), Office of Fair Trading, Oftel, Member UK Competition Commission (1996-2002). He was previously Professor of Economics and Vice Principal, Brunel University. His recent publications include the Review of Radio Spectrum Management, DTI and HMT 2002 (Edited with S. Majumdar and I. Vogelsang), Handbook of Telecommunications Economics (Volumes 1 and 2), (With R W Crandall), Telecommunications Liberalization on Two Sides of the Atlantic, Brookings Institution, 2002, Remedies for Broadband Services’ Journal of Network Industries, 5/1, 2004, pp. 23-50 (With R Collins and P Crowther) and ‘Regulating the BBC’, Telecommunications Policy.

Prof. Martin Cave, along with Bob Jones, co-authored with Adrian Foster the recently published Radio Spectrum Management on-line toolkit for the ITU and infoDEV. The extensive and detailed content address the key trends and issues facing spectrum managers comparing both administrative and market-based methods. Please see www.ictregulationtoolkit.org

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Robert (Bob) W. Jones , B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc., M.B.A – Senior Associate,

Bob has 32 years of direct experience in the policy, strategic and managerial aspects of spectrum management at both the national and international levels.  Mr. Jones has a Bachelor and a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering as well as a Master of Business Administration degree.    He has held positions of increasing responsibility in the Canadian spectrum regulatory body rising to the position of Director General of the Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulatory Branch.  In 1994, he was elected by the Member States of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to the position of Director of the Radiocommunication Bureau at the ITU’s headquarters in Geneva.  In 1998, he was re-elected for a second four year term.  Two terms being the maximum allowed, at the end of 2002, Mr. Jones returned to Canada where he has been providing consulting services related to the field of spectrum management. In November, 2006, he was elected to the ITU Radio Regulations Board for a four year term.

Bob Jones, along with Prof. Martin Cave, co-authored with Adrian Foster the recently published Radio Spectrum Management on-line toolkit for the ITU and infoDEV. The extensive and detailed content address the key trends and issues facing spectrum managers comparing both administrative and market-based methods. Please see www.ictregulationtoolkit.org

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Stuart MacPherson , P.Eng- Senior Associate,

Stuart is a senior associate who has been responsible for leading significant telecom regulatory change in Canada.  He combines first hand knowledge of telecommunications regulation in Canada and internationally with practical operations skills and experience gained at operators.

  • Founder, MacPherson Telecom Consulting.
  • Associate - McLean Foster & Co.
  • VP President Regulatory and Business Development - Combined Telecom Inc.
  • Vice President, Western Canada – WIC Connexus
  • Executive Director, Telecommunications and DG Telecommunications Operations - CRTC
  • Special Advisor, Telecom Reform - Government of the Philippines.
  • Manager, Electronic Switching Systems Development – Bell Northern Research
  • Member Technical Staff – Bell Labs.

Experience in telecommunication of Mr.MacPherson includes:


CRTC Competition Decision
As Executive Director, CRTC Telecommunications from 1993 to 1997, Mr. MacPherson led the work leading to full liberalization of the fixed line telecom market in Canada.  The so-called Local Competition decision in 1997 was the key element in this, and Mr. MacPherson was responsible for the drafting and final disposition of the decision, as approved by the Commission.  Key in this decision was the establishment of the Canadian Interconnect Steering Committee (CISC) which still functions as the technical body charged with implementation of the terms of the original decision.  The most important element of this and related CRTC initiatives was the fact that the Commission indicated that it would rely on the private sector to resolve the issues that inevitably arise when competitors are obliged to cooperate in their mutual interests, to develop their businesses.  This has worked very well, and this was clearly the policy basis for the Industry Canada initiatives regarding infrastructure sharing and mandated roaming.

Tower Sharing in the Caribbean
Mr MacPherson recently returned from a two year assignment in the Turks and Caicos Islands, where he was Director General Telecom – heading the island's telecom regulatory body charged with telecom and spectrum management regulation for the islands.  Besides working with the newly appointed Commission staff on skills development, Mr. MacPherson was involved in negotiations between the incumbent carrier, Cable and Wireless, and two new entrants in the wireless communications market, Digicel, and Islandcom Communications – on a number of matter including tower sharing.  Mr. MacPherson brought the parties together and brought about these essential agreements on tower sharing – at least for a start on a regime of sharing.

Private Sector Experience
Mr. MacPherson was VP for Regulatory Affairs of a startup local telecom company from 1998 to 2000, and had first-hand experience with sharing, and infrastructure access.  With Combined Telecom Inc. he successfully completed qualifying the new company as a CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) through negotiations for co-location and interconnection with Bell Canada – a lengthy and difficult process.  He learned in this exercise the difficulties faced by newcomers to the marketplace, dealing with an incumbent who, while bound by obligations to cooperate, nonetheless did not hesitate to erect barriers, or at least fail to swiftly respond to the nee
ds of an impecunious competitor!

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Juan Sanchez

Juan has managed large budgets ($10M and 100 staff) for PLM, Marketing, Development and Support personnel.  He has provided leadership and direction to functional core team members by identifying problems in advance and encouraging collaborative effort and timely resolution.   Defined the requirements and selected the Integrated Project Team members.  Led a cross functional team in developing and productizing network management software that facilitates e-business application services enablement and OSS component management, targeted at the ASP market space.  Developed and drove product business plans, market requirements analysis, and release plans which addressed competition, product differentiation, training and service.  He has collaborated with third party organizations to launch new product programs, negotiated pricing and delivery of outsourced development activities.

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